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“The information NLH Technologies provided was invaluable in helping us assess our situation and move forward.”

-Ed Smith, Real estate firm

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NLH Technologies offers a wide range of services and support to keep your company on the cutting edge of technology. No matter the issue at hand, we have a solution. We have all the experience and resources to fulfill your Information Technology needs.

Below are some, but not limited to, the services we offer.



Website Design and Hosting
We can design your site to define your company and attract more business. We will work with you in the design and development stages to cater to your business. We also have hosting services available to host and maintain your site.
Please contact for pricing.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Have your company's website show first in search results when customers search for your line of work. We will work with you to market your company and reach your client base through all of the technology sources available.
Please contact for pricing.

Custom Workstations and Servers
We will custom build your workstation or server to your company's needs at a great and reasonable price. We primarily handle Microsoft Windows platforms.
Please contact for pricing.

Secure Networks, Wired and Wireless
We are experienced at planning and implementing your network infrastructure for a secure and reliable backbone to your office network. We are experienced with Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Buffalo, and more
Please contact for pricing.

Security Testing and Assessment
We will anaylze your current network infrastructure and suggest options and technology soltuions to reduce the risk of vulnerbility. We use several tools to help find risks within your environment.
Please contact for pricing.

Managed Services
We will be your IT department. We will setup alerts and monitor your infrastructure. Upon notification of a failure, we will contact you before you there is an issue. Remote support and physical support are available. Preventative maintenance is best practice rather then after the fact when it comes to your company running smoothly.
Please contact for pricing.

Data Backup and Recovery
We setup and configure a backup solution to store your company's data. In the event of failure, we will restore your company's data. Save your company from loss of crucial data and precious time due to downtime.
Please contact us for pricing.

Network Camera Security
We will plan and implement a security system that will cover your site to protect and monitor. We use digital network cameras that can be monitored from any computer with an internet connection. Trust your security to us.
Please contact us for pricing.



8/10/2010 - Launch of new web site


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